Declaration by parent or guardian

(In the circumstances where the Applicant / Student is a minor, (i.e. below the age of eighteen years), this portion of the application form must be completed by his / her parent or guardian.)

I, the undersigned

Hereby declare that:

1. I have acquainted myself with the contents of, and consent to, the declaration by my minor child or ward in the declaration by the Applicant above and that the particulars furnished by him / her in the application form are true and correct;

2. I consent in particular to my minor child’s or ward’s undertaking throughout all his / her years of study to abide by The Hurst Campus’, terms and conditions, code of conduct, disciplinary code and The Hurst Campus’ tariffs of fees outlined herein;

3. I accept joint and several responsibility with my minor child or ward for the due payment of all fees which may become due and payable to The Hurst Campus during all the years for which he / she registers as a student of The Hurst Campus including studies subsequent to his / her attainment of majority and I undertake to pay the said fees when due and payable;

4. I have read, understood and acquainted myself with the provisions relating to The Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008. I have made the necessary enquiries with The Hurst Campus to satisfy myself that the cancellation fees referred to is Paragraph 9 of The Hurst Campus’ terms and conditions are fair and reasonable, and that should I or my minor child’s or ward at any stage cancel the Agreement I will immediately pay the cancellation fees mentioned;

5. I have acquainted myself with, and undertake throughout all the years for which my minor child or ward is a student at The Hurst Campus, to abide by and to be bound to all of the accompanying terms and conditions of The Hurst Campus, The Hurst Campus’ tariffs of fees outlined herein, including any amendments thereto and any substitutions thereof which I confirm that I will keep myself acquainted with.

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