Declaration by applicant

I, the undersigned,

Hereby declare that:

1. I have acquainted myself with the contents of this application form including, inter alia, the terms and conditions enclosed herewith;

2. The particulars furnished by me in this application are true and correct;

3. I confirm that I do not have a criminal record or any criminal charges pending against me;

4. I fully understand that The Hurst Campus is entitled to cancel my registration immediately, should it become apparent that any of the particulars furnished by me in this application are untrue or incorrect;

5. I confirm that I have read, understood and acquainted myself with the provisions relating to the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008. I have made the necessary enquires with The Hurst Campus to satisfy myself that the cancellation fees referred to is Paragraph 9 of The Hurst Campus’ terms and conditions are fair and reasonable, and that should I at any stage cancel the Agreement I will immediately pay the cancellation fees aforementioned;

6. I understand that the application fee is not a deposit, advanced booking, reservation or order as referred to is Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008, and is not refundable unless my application is unsuccessful;

7. I understand that if I am arrested for any reason while studying at The Hurst Campus, I will be immediately suspended from lecturers, internships and classes pending the outcome of a hearing/court case.

8. If you are formally charged of any criminal offense while studying at The Hurst Campus, we reserve the right to terminate your contract
with immediate effect;

9. I have acquainted myself with, and undertake throughout all the years for which I am registered as a Student at The Hurst Campus, to abide by and to be bound to all of the accompanying terms and conditions of The Hurst Campus, the code of conduct, the disciplinary code and The Hurst Campus’ tariffs of fees outlined herein, including any amendments thereto and any substitutions thereof which I confirm that I will keep myself acquainted with;

10. I authorise The Hurst Campus, in the event of my requiring urgent medical treatment, to acquire appropriate medical assistance and that I accept responsibility for the payment of the costs thus incurred;

11. I will immediately acquire the necessary medical advice or treatment if I have reason to suspect that I have any contagious or infectious disease capable of creating a risk to other persons through my participation in any aspect of The Hurst Campus activities, including, without restriction, residence in The Hurst Campus’ accommodation, attendance of any instructual occasion, taking of examinations or tests or participation in The Hurst Campus related projects, sport or recreation; and If in terms of such medical advice, it is desirable, I will withdraw from any The Hurst Campus activity;

12. I indemnify The Hurst Campus against any liability of whatsoever nature that may directly or indirectly rise for The Hurst Campus in consequence of my failure to comply with this undertaking;

13. I undertake to pay punctually all application, registration, tuition, class, residence and other fees as The Hurst Campus may from time to charge during the year for which I am registered as a Student at The Hurst Campus.

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