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6 Month Qualification in Food Production & Cooking

This qualification is suitable for learners wishing to develop their skills in food production and cooking. These may be trainee chefs, cooks and food service assistants. You will be taught by our dedicated team of Professional Chefs and Academic Lecturers in our state of the art facilities.

The course starts in July each year. Sign up for a speedy, affordable cooking course that will see you qualified in time for Christmas!

Taught by our dedicated team

You will be taught by our dedicated team of Professional Chefs and Academic Lecturers in our state of the art facilities:

  •  Hands-on demonstration and practical kitchen with 24 individual and fully equipped cooking stations
  • Our dedicated bakery under the guidance of maestro Chef Pierre
  • The Hot Kitchen where you will whip up breakfasts and lunches
  • Air conditioned lecture rooms for theoretical sessions
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Course Information

The course starts in July each year.

The total qualification time for this qualification is 400 hours, of which, a minimum of 329 hours is recommended as guided learning. This means you’ll receive a wealth of practical experience, fully preparing you to enter the industry.

This qualification is assessed through a portfolio of evidence and learners must demonstrate they have met the required assessment criteria.

  • Love cooking and baking
  • No experience is necessary – we will teach you everything you need to know
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Have a winning smile, be team orientated and love working with people
  • Be creative and willing to learn
  • Signed and completed application form (including the terms and conditions)
  • One passport sized photograph
  • A copy of your ID or passport
  • Application fee of R7950.00

All foreign students are required to apply for their own Student Visa once they have been accepted for the course.

  • Your high-quality theoretical sessions, complemented with hands-on practical training including ingredients, recipes, workbooks and all printed notes.
  • Highfields certification
  • 3 Chefs Jackets, 2 Checked Pants, 3 Aprons and Skull Caps.
  • You will also receive a knife kit – the tools of your trade.
  • Don’t forget that as a registered learner, you gain access to our resources.
  • You’ll become part of the Hurst Family and make friends for life.

On successful completion of this qualification, learners may wish to continue their development by completing and additional Highfields Qualification.

Should learners wish to migrate to another qualification offered by campus, recognition of prior learning and credits will be given for this qualification.

Where possible the campus will also assist with industry introductions using their network of contacts.

To complete the Level 2 Diploma in Food Production and Cooking, learners must complete the following (totaling a minimum of 40 credits (approximately 400 hours overall):

  • all units in the mandatory group totaling 10 credits
  • a minimum of 16 credits from Optional Group A
  • a minimum of 14 credits from Optional Group B. However, no more than 12 credits can come from the Level 1 units in Group B
Learners must achieve all units in this group.
  Unit No.Unit Reference  Unit Title    Level  Credit  
  1    F/601/4218Maintenance of Safe, Hygienic and Secure Working Environment  1  3
  2    T/601/4216Working Effectively as Part of a Hospitality Team  1  3
  3    D/601/6980Maintain Food Safety when Storing, Preparing and Cooking Food  2  4
Leaners must achieve a minimum of 16 credits from this group.
  Unit No. Unit referenceUnit TitleLevelCredit
  4    H/601/4938  Produce Basic Fish Dishes  2  4
  5    H/601/4941  Produce Basic Meat Dishes  2  4
  6    R/601/7303    Produce Basic Poultry Dishes  2  4
  7  R/601/4949    Produce Basic Vegetable Dishes  2  4
  8    L/601/4755    Cook-Chill Food  2  3
  9    D/601/4758    Cook-Freeze Food  2    3
  10    F/601/7328    Produce Basic Hot Sauces  2  4
  11    K/601/4861    Produce Basic Rice, Pulse and Grain Dishes  2  3
  12    F/601/7331    Produce Basic Pasta Dishes  2  3
  13    K/601/4925    Produce Basic Bread and Dough Products  2  4
  14    F/601/4946    Produce Basic Pasta Products  2  5
  15    J/601/4964    Produce Basic Hot and Cold Desserts  2  3
  16    L/601/4934    Produce Basic Cakes, Sponges and Scones  2  4
  17    H/601/4955    Produce Cold Starters and Salads  2  3
Learners must achieve a minimum of 14 credits from this group. However, no more than 12 credits can come from the level 1 units in this group.
  Unit No.    Unit reference  Unit Title  Level  Credit
  19    K/601/48444  Prepare Hot and Cold Sandwiches  1  2
  20    L/601/7333  Produce Basic Egg Dishes  1  3
  21    A/601/4962  Produce Healthier Dishes  2  3
  22    J/601/4768  Maintain an Efficient Use of Food Resources  2  4
  23    A/601/4766  Maintain an Efficient Use of Resources in the Kitchen    2  3
  24    J/601/4849  Prepare Operate and Clean specialist Food Preparation and Cooking Equipment    2  4
  25    Y/601/4760  Liaise with Care Team to Ensure that an Individual’s Nutritional Needs are Met    2  3
  26    M/601/4845  Prepare Meals for Distribution  1  2
  27    F/601/4770  Modify the Content of Dishes  2  4
  28    T/601/4782  Prepare and Cook Food to Meet the Requirements of Allergy Sufferers    2  3
  29    F/601/5000  Prepare Meals to Meet Relevant Nutritional Standards Set for School Meals    1  4
  30    R/601/4966  Promote New Menu Items  2  3
  31    Y/601/4855  Present Menu Items According to a Defined Brand Standard    1  3
  32    L/601/0933  Give Customers a Positive Impression of Yourself and Your Organisation    2  5
  33    M/601/5039  Maintain and Deal with Payments  2  4
  34    L/601/5016  Provide a Counter and Takeaway Service  1    3
  35    M/601/4697  Convert a Room for Dining  2  3
  36    L/601/5372  Complete Kitchen Documentation  2  3
  37    L/601/4996  Set Up and Close Kitchen    2  4
  38    T/601/7214  Employment Rights and Responsibilities in the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism Sector    2  2

Highfield Certification and Accreditation

Highfield is a global leader in compliance and work-based learning and apprenticeship qualifications, regulated by Ofqual.  Their head office is in the United Kingdom and they also have a Middle East Asian Head office in Dubai, UAE.

They provide over 250 qualifications to thousands of approved training centres, spread across 50 countries. These cover multiple sectors such as retail, health and social care, finance, customer service, rail and engineering, hospitality and catering, logistics, aviation and many more. Since 1982 Highfield has been renowned for providing high quality support to their customers and learners.

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Monudox T/A The Hurst Campus is a registered and accredited institution with:

  • Provisionally Registered as a Private College with DHET (Department of Higher Education & Training (Registration Number: 2018/FE07/010)
  • Registered as a Skills Development Provider for QCTO (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (Accreditation Number: SDP1228/17/008)
  • A Member of APPETD – The Association of Private Providers of Education Training and Development
  • 6 Month Food Production Highfields Qualification

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