When you’re about to leave school and you’re researching what profession you may want to consider to follow, or you’re an older adventurist, who wants to change your profession, and your interests lie in Hospitality Management and the Culinary Arts, you need professional advice, assistance and support of a young-minded, trendy and experienced leader and mentor in hospitality training.

Rebecca Hurst and her professional team, also known as “the family”, can provide this, together with the personal and individual skills to motivate the young and older students, with discipline, integrity and drive. They transfer their skills and enthusiasm with as much fun and humour as with the necessary sense of seriousness. They provide the individual creative space within a professional and classical structured learning environment.

Added to this, I like the Paul Bocuse Alliance, the City & Guild accreditation and the fact that they offer a “Food & Wine Chef’s Programme”, which is such an important ingredient in hospitality training.

Rebecca Hurst is well connected in the hospitality industry and its leaders, and is well-traveled and experienced in the international culinary world.

Rebecca and The Hurst Culinary Campus can provide you with the most important, classical culinary qualification, that will give you a confident head start in the hospitality career of your choice.

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