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Developing A Culture Of Educational Coaching

Let’s face it – education needs an upgrade. Information is now so easily available. Think YouTube, Wikipedia and using a search engine such as Google. Most students and adults don’t like traditional education because they are bored. So what do we really need to teach …

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Building Your Integrity

You are the architect of your own life and destiny.   This month we would like to share some advice and tips on strengthening your integrity. Be super hard on yourself – when you cause pain in your own life and in the lives of …

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Life after school: Part II

As a parent, your natural instinct will be to protect your child at all costs. How this desire manifests in a teenager’s home life is different in every family. At The Hurst Campus, we appreciate the effort, love and best intentions of all our student’s …

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Life after school: 3 Ways to Preparing Your Teen For the “Real World”

If you want your child to have a fair chance of making it in the world you’ll have to allow them to be more independent and, as ironic as it may seem, give them the tools and the freedom to do this. I heard a …

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Motivation – How Does It Work?

You can try all you like, but it is almost impossible to motivate another person without knowing what it is that drives them, and without them wanting to also motivate themselves. This is something that becomes quite apparent when pursuing a culinary education or working …

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Have You Noticed A New Type Of Workforce?

What to expect as an employer The term “millennial” has been creeping into our vocabulary slowly but very surely as a new generation of employees, including junior chefs and front of house staff, enter the workforce, fast and furiously! Referred to as “Generation Y”, those born between 1977 and …

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