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Chef Halima Ferreira returns to the Hurst Campus

16 years after graduating from the Hurst Campus (or as it was then known, the Culinary Academy), Chef Halima Ferreira came back to Hurst for a visit. We are very proud of our graduates, and all that they go on to accomplish after leaving Hurst. …

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The 2019 Hurst Graduation Ceremony

As the graduates filed into the room they were met with a standing ovation from their parents, friends, mentors and loved ones. The crowd remained standing until the graduates were seated, a testament to the pride felt in the room. Rebecca Hurst’s opening remarks were …

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How to Settle Into a New Kitchen

It’s your first day alone in a new kitchen section as a young cook: everything’s ready, you’re totally prepped (or so you think). Suddenly, service quickly takes a nosedive and it’s your fault: you’re running out of ingredients and holding up the whole brigade. Perhaps …

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Hurst Excels in the One & Only Reaching for Young Stars Competition

The One & Only Reaching for Young Stars competition is an annual competition that draws the ‘royalty’ of the South African hospitality world, providing a platform for our executive chefs, cooks, bakers, winemakers, wine stewards and sommeliers to come together offering a growth path and …

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Pop Up Restaurant Week @ The Hurst Campus

We are breathless after a super exciting week on campus. We have just experienced 4 nights of culinary and service magic courtesy of our 3rd year students. Five months ago they embarked on their restaurant project. This project is a non-traditional academic experience relating to …

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How to Get the Most out of Your Kitchen Job

You work in a kitchen- congratulations. Odds are you’re with a team of friendly, hardworking people who pull their weight (mostly) so that you can all work as a cohesive team together. It’s hard work, but rewarding- you’re doing what you love. I’m here to …

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