Part 1
Habitual behavior is the foundation of our everyday life. These little routines called “habits” shape our daily lives and affect the rate and outcome of our success.
It’s worthwhile taking the time to reflect on your habits and perhaps consider sifting out the negative ones that could be holding you back. That way you can create a recipe that works for you.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Trust your gut instinct and stop constantly seeking approval from people who are not experts in the field you require help or guidance in.
  2. Taking action is the quickest way to ensure success. Stop procrastinating and take control of your life.
  3. Quit blaming other people for your lack of productivity – we call this an excuse.
  4. Undefined goals will remain mere dreams without a specific and detailed plan of action. You must always write down both the starting and end date of achieving a goal and clarify the exact action steps you will need to take.
  5. Negativity is a disease! If allowed it will always hold you back.You need to take control of every situation. Don’t fear rejection or possible failure – it’s a necessary part of learning and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

At The Hurst Campus, we pride ourselves on equipping our students with an excellent set of culinary skills that you would expect to learn from a leading chef school. We also develop our students as people and cultivating good habits is one of the key recipes of our graduate’s success.

Next month – we will share Part 2 on Habits.

For more information on our 2 Year Advanced Food and Wine Chef Programme – call 074 1470801. The Hurst Campus will be the Gateway to Your Dream Career. We change lives.

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