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Let’s face it – education needs an upgrade. Information is now so easily available. Think YouTube, Wikipedia and using a search engine such as Google.

Most students and adults don’t like traditional education because they are bored. So what do we really need to teach in 2017? At The Hurst Campus our 2 Year Advanced Food and Wine Chef Programme is our “vehicle” for teaching you a whole lot more than the creative art of cooking and baking.

Our students now require mentorship, coaching and guidance on how to balance their need and “dependent relationship” with technology with the essential skills of building “actual” not “virtual” relationships in their lives coupled with the gentle art of communication.

Communication for us at The Hurst Campus, means speaking and articulating what you are feeling and thinking. This kind of communication is essential for career and business growth and to build valuable networks of contacts to collaborate with. The ability to talk to people is a must have skill if you want healthy relationships and to be able to survive in any modern work place environment including a kitchen.

Communication will stop you from leaving situations that you are finding difficult to cope with.
Our team of Staff, Lecturers and Chefs are evolving from being traditional educators and teachers into the role of being “student coaches”.

For more information about student life at The Hurst Campus and our 3 Year Advanced Food and Wine Chef Programme drop in for a coffee or call 0741470801.

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