You are the architect of your own life and destiny.


This month we would like to share some advice and tips on strengthening your integrity.

Be super hard on yourself – when you cause pain in your own life and in the lives of others. Pain is the result of not getting things right. Be prepared to change your behaviour.

A meaningful apology – don’t just say “I’m sorry”!! A real apology is genuine and comes from the heart. It means that you will not do the same thing again.

Overpromising – stop promising to do the impossible. Rather under promise and over deliver. Learn to say “no” so that you do not have difficulty in completing what you have agreed to do.

Making sound decisions – your true strength will be found in sticking to the decisions you have made and completing them on time. Stop procrastinating and get the job done today!

Having a routine – helps you to get things done. Effective time management is your key to success. Plan each day and reflect back before you tackle your tomorrows.

Join us next time for more practical tips on building a better you.

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