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Pop Up Restaurant Week @ The Hurst Campus

We are breathless after a super exciting week on campus. We have just experienced 4 nights of culinary and service magic courtesy of our 3rd year students. Five months ago they embarked on their restaurant project. This project is a non-traditional academic experience relating to …

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How to Get the Most out of Your Kitchen Job

You work in a kitchen- congratulations. Odds are you’re with a team of friendly, hardworking people who pull their weight (mostly) so that you can all work as a cohesive team together. It’s hard work, but rewarding- you’re doing what you love. I’m here to …

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How to cook with CBD Oil

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is hot off the press and making it into all the latest recipes, making it unquestionably the latest ‘fad’ in cooking. It promises a litany of benefits from reducing anxiety to helping with nausea, inflammation and insomnia. You may be asking yourself …

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Chef Apprenticeships

Is chef school not quite for you? Are you looking for an alternative way to enter the cheffing industry? Perhaps you’d like to earn while you learn (if you want to do this and attend a culinary school, look no further than Hurst Campus, where …

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Hurst International Food Day

The Hurst Campus offers a widely respected culinary course within the context of fun and family. This week was a perfect example of the fun students have while studying here. Lectures came to a standstill this week as the Year 2 Students hosted their Cuisines …

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How to Deal with Short Staffing in Your Kitchen

Recruiting, training and retaining kitchen staff is one of the most difficult, and important challenges that you’ll need to overcome to see success in your kitchen. Today we’re going to chat about how to deal with short staffing on a day to day basis, to …

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