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The Gateway to Your Dream Career

So you dream of being a chef?

Being a professional chef is one of the most self-fulfilling careers to have. It brings with it excitement, adventure and lucrative financial rewards. 

Final 2020 Registrations Closing Soon


The final chance for you to apply to Hurst is here. We only have a few spots left for the July intake.

*Monthly payment options available

Let Hurst Make Your Dreams Come TRUE

3 Year Advanced Chef Programme

Hurst Culinary School offers a three-year Food and Wine accredited course which will launch you into the adventurous and lucrative world of culinary arts. The course blends a fun and practical learning environment with theoretical knowledge to give students internationally recognised skills in the culinary field.

Full-time Employment Guaranteed

There are few education options available to young people these days that guarantee a career but with Hurst Culinary School you are guaranteed a career placement upon finishing your course. We will work with you to see that you are placed on the path to your success both during your course and afterwards.

Culinary Excellence

hurst culinary chef school kitchen students

Culinary Excellence

Culinary Career

Achieved through education

Become an International Chef

Who says your career has to be restrained to South Africa? Hurst Culinary School promotes international opportunities for our students giving them the chance to work anywhere in the world. Our students find adventure and career success worldwide.

Earn as you Learn

Hurst Culinary School wants to see you grow and develop into a Master Chef through learned experience. We make sure to place students with great chefs to learn from while studying. These internships will help you hone your skills and earn a bit of money while learning. Your expertise and skills get rewarded while you study with us.

Discover the Wonder of Food

hurst culinary chef school kitchen students

Discover the Wonder of Food

More than just a Culinary School


Join our Hurst Family

Hurst Culinary School is not just a place of learning, we are a family that looks after each other. We seek to make sure you feel like part of the family at every turn. Your success becomes our success and your struggle become our struggles. Together we will change your life and inspire you to great culinary heights.

Prepare for Lots of Laughter

Being a chef is hard work but it is also a barrel of laughs. At Hurst Culinary School we have a lot of fun while learning the art of cooking. There are few things better in life than having a good laugh with friends and family in the kitchen and we encourage this attitude of fun in the kitchen.

Unleash your Talents

hurst campus culinary chef school

Unleash your Talents

Do you share our passion for food?

We are known for inspiring greatness

Coach and Mentor you to Success

The teaching staff at Hurst Culinary School are some of the best in the business. They will guide you to great heights of your culinary career from both a practical standpoint and that of a mentoring relationship. Our staff only wish to see you succeed and will take you under their wing to help you soar to new heights.

Classes that Inspire Learning

Hurst Culinary School has a unique approach to teaching and learning not found in other schools. Our courses do not seek to merely educate you on how to cook or be a chef, instead they inspire you to become a great career chef. Books, tests and practical work can only teach you so much but a truly inspired student will develop passion, innovation and mastery in the art of cooking.

Hone your Skills

Hone your Skills

Product of Learnt Skills

Your Gateway to Your Dream Career

Super Star Alumni

The Students at Hurst Culinary School become superb chefs and go on to win awards both in and out of the school. We like to recognise the extraordinary achievers in the Hurst Family and will showcase their talents for the world to see. Family’s like to brag a little about their member’s successes and we are no different.

hurst culinary chef school kitchen students
hurst culinary chef school kitchen students
hurst culinary chef school kitchen students

A Star is Born

Your experiences at Hurst Culinary School will shape you into a future Master Chef. You may go on to run a kitchen in a Michelin Star restaurant or even open your own restaurant: The sky is the limit. But don’t take our word for it, why not hear what our past and current students think of their experiences?

Take the Next Step

Career Placement Possibilities

A guaranteed career as a chef

Hurst DNA

Our Philosophy




Self Discipline






- Willing to learn and listen

- Family and team orientated

- Of yourself and others

- Knows your place and be accountable

- Honours your word

- Speak up and listen up

- Be responsible for your own emotional wellbeing

- Have a willingness to understand and share the feelings of others

- Be kind and easy to get along with

Join the Hurst Family

Become the Chef you Were Born to Be

Do you have what it takes to be a Hurst Chef?

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